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Take Back Control of Your Life
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Hi, I'm Davis.

I'm passionate about getting people back in the driver's seat of their own life. The health challenges we face - poor sleep, functional neurological symptoms, illness, or pain- start to take control. As you plan around these symptoms, life starts to shrink.

Getting back in control in no small task. It requires a clear focus and drive- after all, life didn't start to pass you by overnight. I want to partner with you to retrain the nervous system through activity, thinking strategies, and mindfulness. This will get you back in control and living life to the fullest. 

If you are ready to try new things to get your life back, please schedule an initial consultation.  


"Dr. VanderVeen is highly professional. During my active care he listened to my concerns and responded with helpful insight and gave me work to do on my own with the support I needed to recover. He adapted a care plan to fit my specific needs and I now have skills and knowledge to help me, thanks to our work together. I would recommend Dr. Davis VanderVeen to any one of my family and friends knowing that they’ll get care that surpasses any other I’ve found.
Thank you Dr. VanderVeen, my life is changed for the better because we worked together." -KP

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