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Online Therapy
Online therapy for insomnia treatment, chronic pain treatment, addiction treatment, FND and PNES treatment, chronic illness treatment, and sport psychology services. 

Online counselling

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps people to find connections between the way we think, how we feel, physical sensations in our body, and the actions we take. We can often find unhelpful patterns in life, and CBT helps to learn new strategies to get out of the same old patterns. This treatment emphasizes learning new skills and approaches to better manage challenges life throws at us. This is not traditional "talk therapy" where you discuss new problems that have come up each week. Rather, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on developing skills that can help manage any situation we face, looking at improving functioning for long term improvement. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) helps people to find effective solutions to life's challenges. Using ACT, we identify our values (the things that make life meaningful and the type of person we want to be), find ways to deal with the thoughts, emotions, and body sensations that get in the way of living the type of life we want, and working towards actions that improve our life.

ACT can be described with a metaphor: 
Clench your fists. Now, what can you use your hands for? Punching, pounding... that's about it. But, if you unclench your fists, you can use your hands for just about anything. All of a sudden you have a lot more options available. When our mind "grabs on" to things- situations, physical sensations, memories, thoughts, emotions, etc.- it is also limited. We stay stuck in the same patterns, even if they don't make our life better. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy helps our mind "unclench" from these things, find other solutions to our problems, and live a more meaningful life.

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Online Courses
I developed an online course for those with functional neurological symptoms, FND, PNES, and PPPD. This covers a lot of information that can be helpful to manage these conditions. Click below to learn more about online course offerings. 

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